Your Move by Andy Stanely


Throughout our lives, we are confronted with decisions we never anticipated having to make—relationship decisions, career decisions, financial decisions, parenting decisions—the list goes on and on. To complicate matters further, the timeframe for making a decision is often short and our options limited. Regardless, a decision must be made.


So, what do you do when it’s your move and you aren’t sure what to do? In this 4-part series, Andy Stanley offers four powerful questions that will help you determine your best move.


Sessions: 5-30, 6-6, 6-13, 6-20 (Additional session on 6/27, not related to Your Move series.)


Doors open at 06:30am, presentation begins at 07:00am.




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We've all made decisions in our lives that make us look back and say, "How could I have been so dumb?" In this episode, Andy gives us a question to ask that can help us prevent more regrets.

The Story of Your Life

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Every decision you make becomes a permanent part of the story of your life. In this episode, Andy explains how to make your story one you want to tell.

Pay Attention to the Tension

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Have you ever needed to make a big decision quickly? In this episode, Andy reveals a question that can bring clarity to the options you're considering.

Passin' It On

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Do you ever wonder if there's more to this life? In this episode, Andy challenges us to live for a greater purpose.