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Part 1


How does faith really work? If your prayers aren’t answered, is it because you didn’t have enough faith? What does it mean to lose faith? Does your faith waver depending on your circumstances? Or is your faith supposed to be in something beyond your control, so that it isn’t swayed by the circumstances of your life? Your faith is resting against something. Is it something that changes day to day, or does it endure through time?

Part 2


What is faith? Is it different than hope? How do you even measure faith? If things are going well with you and God, does that mean you have a lot of faith? If things are not going well in your life, if your prayers are not being answered, does that mean you don’t have enough faith? Unfortunately, messages about faith today are very me centered. Do I have enough faith? Am I praying or believing enough? In reality, the object of our faith is much more important than the amount of faith we have.

Part 3


Does God promise us good health? Fame and fortune? Some in this world would suggest that God does promise us these things. Others would suggest that God doesn’t promise us anything and, rather, stands distantly from the circumstances of our lives. Last week, we learned that faith is believing that God will do what he promised. If that’s true, if faith is attached to a promise, if walking by faith is living as if God will do what he promised, then we need to ask the question, “What has God really promised us?”

Part 4


We’ve heard amazing stories of answered prayer. A friend was healed. A marriage was restored. A check arrived in the mail. And in these circumstances, we are ecstatic about God’s goodness, mercy, and interest in our lives. Go God! But our prayers aren’t always answered to our liking. What about the times when they seem to go unheard? What do we do when God apparently says no? Does it take more faith to endure a no from God than to receive a yes?

Part 5


You can control your destiny. The secret to life is realizing your full potential. Popular self-help messages offer you the chance to take control of your life—kinda god-like. In comparison, Christ’s command to “take up your cross and follow me” doesn’t sound too appealing. It requires giving up control. It requires surrender. But is that a bad thing? If faith is confidence that God is who he says he is, then doesn’t it make sense to relinquish control and invite him to come alive in your life?