Defining Moments- by Andy Stanley


It is no secret that what you don't know can hurt you. In spite of

that, we still go out of our way at times to avoid the truth. Men

avoid doctors; a spouse denies evidence of adultery. While the

truth often hurts, deceiving ourselves ultimately will hurt



In this 9-part series, Andy Stanley recounts how Jesus

introduced some rather perplexing truth to seven

individuals who had grown comfortable with their

misinformed lifestyles and belief systems. For those who had the

courage to embrace the truth, their lives were changed forever.

Saturdays Mornings at 7AM:

Jan. 10,17,24,31

Feb. 7,…21,28…Mar. 21,28




Thursday Evenings at 7PM:

Jan. 8,15,22,29

Feb. 5,…19,26…Mar.19,26



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