Authentic Manhood 5

33 Series: A Man and His Marriage





We need to fortify where we are under greatest attack, and this is why Authentic Manhood’s A Man and His Marriage is a welcome aid in the fight for our marriages. Written and produced to be used by groups or individuals, this resource is ready to be placed in the hands of pastors

and small group leaders, who desire to help men catch a vision of biblical

manhood in marriage. (Study- 6 sessions)


With contributions from Paul Tripp, Sheila Wray Gregoire, Robert Lewis,

Bryan Carter, Tierce Green, and John Bryson, the study covers everything

from the biblical foundations of marriage to marital friendship;  from happiness in marriage to marital sexual intimacy. Throughout the study men are challenged to confront their own selfishness and sinfulness and to own their leadership role by laying down their lives for their wives.



* Timeless truths adapted from the original Men's Fraternity

*A multi-generational and racially diverse teaching team

*Engaging roundtable discussions

*Exclusive interviews with manhood experts

*Moving testimonies and documentaries

*Teaching combined with a variety of creative elements

*30-minute sessions


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