Authentic Manood (33 Series)

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33 minute Video


This first volume of the 33 Series starts with meaningful insights into the current state of manhood, which will help men navigate through some realities that have created cultural confusion. It follows by unfolding God's mandates for all men and offering a clear definition of authentic manhood that will help men on their journey. Each participant will learn the four 'faces' of manhood and how to anticipate and transition through the specific seasons of life. (6 Sessions)



* Timeless truths adapted from the original Men's Fraternity

*A multi-generational and racially diverse teaching team

*Engaging roundtable discussions

*Exclusive interviews with manhood experts

*Moving testimonies and documentaries

*Teaching combined with a variety of creative elements

*30-minute sessions


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Watch Video Series Below:

Session 1:

Manhood Realities

Pre-Session 2:

Create and Cultivate

Session 2:

Create and Cultivate

Pre-Session 3:

Responsibility for Men

Session 3:

Defining Manhood

Post-Session 3:

Life Perspective

Session 4:

Warrior/King Face

Pre-Session 5:

Band of Brothers

Pre-Session 5:


Session 5:

Lover/Friend Face

Pre-Session 6:

The Seasons of a Godly Man

Session 6: